Charlotte Krychowski

Current position

Associate professor in management

Research interests

Real options, strategic investment decisions, management of innovation, technology licenses


Krychowski, C. and Quélin B. V. (2010). "Real Options and Strategic Investment Decisions: Can They Be of Use to Scholars?" Academy of Management Perspectives 24(2): 65-78.

Krychowski, C. (2008). "Investment Decision in a Broadband Internet Network: A Real Options Approach." Communications & Strategies, No. 70, p. 67, 2nd Quarter 2008.


Krychowski, C. (2008). Les options réelles sont-elles utiles pour prendre des décisions d’investissement stratégiques ? Une revue de littérature », AIMS, Nice 2008

Krychowski, C. and Quélin B. V. (2006). Investment Timing and the Benefits of Real Options: A Case Study in the Telecommunications Industry”, Academy of Management, Atlanta, 2006, BPS Division


Strategic Management (Master 1 level)

Simulation games (Master 2 level and Post Graduates)

Capital budgeting decisions under uncertainty (Master 2 level and Post Graduates)

Introduction to management

Editorial activities

Ad-hoc reviewer for Academy of Management Perspectives


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