Seminars 2012

22 November

Francesco Lissoni, Professor in University Bocconi and University of Bordeaux

Francesco Lissoni, Michele Pezzoni, Bianca Potì, Sandra Romagnosi. 2012 “University autonomy, IP legislation and academic patenting: Italy, 1996-2007”

Massimiliano Mazzanti, Professor in University of Ferrara

Simone Borghesi,  Giulio Cainelli, Massimiliano Mazzanti, 2012. Brown Sunsets and Green Dawns in the Industrial Sector: Environmental Innovations, Firm Behavior and the European Emission Trading"

3 October

Mark Lorenzen, Professor inCopenhagenBusinessSchool

Andersen K. V. and Lorenzen M. The perforermance effect of uniplex, multiplex and diverse social ties: A study of bollywood film production

Bulat Sanditov Associate professor in Telecom Ecole de Management

Lissoni, F., Llerena, P., and B. SanditovSmall Worlds in Networks of Inventors and the Role of Academics: An Analysis of France”.

8 November  2012

- Jason Whalley, University ofStrathclyde,Glasgow,UK

Whalley, J., Curwen, P. “Organisational complexity within the mobile telecommunications industry: the case of Vodafone Group”


24 October 2012

- Pier Paolo Patrucco,University ofTurin

Enriettia, A., Fassio, C., Patrucco, P.P. Reaction to Demand Shock in Small Firms: Innovation and Market Exploration in the Case of Automotive Suppliers in Piedmont

Mark Lorenzen


19 September 2012
Cristiano Antonelli, Professor ofUniversity ofTurin

Antonelli, C. and Fassio, C. The Economics of the Light Economy

 Arianna Martinelli (Visiting researcher in Telecom EM)  and Rudi Bekkers (Professor of University of Eindhoven)
Intellectual Property Disclosure in Standards Development: Some facts and exploratory analysis

-Justus BARON, Phd in Ecole de Mines Paris

BARON J. and POHLMANN T., Patent Pools and Patenting for Technology Standards An empirical analysis of contemporary patent pools


11 September 2012

Reihilde Veugelers, University KU Leuven

Cassiman B., Arts and Veugelers R.Capturing value from basic research:  boundary crossing inventors and partnerships

- Muge Ozman, Telecom Ecole de Management
Cecere,G., Corrocher, N., Gossart, C. and Ozman, M. Patterns of Innovation in Green ICT: A Patent-Based Analysis


12 June 2012
Fabio Montobbio, Associate Professor of  University of Turin
The globalization of technology in emerging markets: a gravity model on the determinants of international patent collaborations

Bill Lazonick, Professor of University of Massachusetts Lowell
From Innovation to Financialization: How Cisco became focused on its Stock Price and lost its Way

26 Mars 2012

Henrik Glimstedt Associate Professor ofStockholmSchool of Economics

The decision to make or buy a critical technology

Pierre Vialle

 On the difficulty of escaping the fate of path dependence. The case of mobile standards in China


6 February 2012

Charlotte Krychowski

Real options and technology licenses