Sanditov Bulat

Current position

Assistant Professor in Economics

Research interests

Economics of innovation, university-industry linkages, social and economic networks


  • Godlewski, C.J., Sanditov, B., & T. Burger-Helmchen (2012) "Bank lending networks, experience, reputation, and borrowing costs: Empirical evidence from the French syndicated lending market", Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, (forthcoming)
  • Weehuizen, R., Sanditov, B., & R. Cowan (2011) "Productivity effects of innovation, stress and social relations", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 79(3):165-182.
  • Lissoni, F., Llerena, P., McKelvey, M., & B. Sanditov (2008) "Academic Patenting in Europe: New Evidence from the KEINS Database," Research Evaluation, 17(2): 87-102.
  • Reinstaller, A., & B. Sanditov (2005), "Social Norms and Equality of Opportunity in Conspicuous Consumption: On the Diffusion of Consumer Good Innovation", Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 15(5): 505-31.
  • O.A.Gudaev, V.K.Malinovsky, B.D.Sanditov, and A.A.Sokolov (1996), "Exciton nature of the fundamental absorption edge in C60 films", Optoelectronics, Instrumentation and Data Processing, 2:94-100.

Research papers

  • (2009) Cowan, R., Jonard, N., & B. Sanditov, "Fits and Misfits: Technological Matching and R&D Networks", UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2009-042.
  • (2009) Arora, S., & B. Sanditov, "Caste as Community? Networks of social affinity in a South Indian village", UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2009-037.
  • (2006) Lissoni, F., Sanditov, B., and G. Tarasconi "The KEINS Database on Academic Inventors: Methodology and Contents", CESPRI Working Paper 181, Universita' Bocconi, Milan, Italy.
  • (2005) Sanditov, B., "Patent Citations, the Value of Innovations, and Path-Dependency", CESPRI Working Paper 171, Universita' Bocconi, Milan, Italy.
  • (2004) Sanditov, B., "ICT Revolution, Globalization, and Informational Lock-In", MERIT/Infonomics Research Memorandum 2004-013, Universiteit Maastricht.


Managerial Economics
Economics of Telecom and Internet