Seminars 2011

Seminars with guest researchers  

2 December: René Kemp, UNU-MERIT, "Transition management: a model for managing sustainability transitions", Presentation ADEME. Policy seminar with experts from the French environment agency ADEME.

1 December: René Kemp, UNU-MERIT, "Research Insights and Challenges on Eco-Innovation Dynamics", poster, presentation, video.

23 September: Aldo Geuna,“University industry relations”.

24 September: “How to publish in leading innovation journals”.

20 June: William Lazonick, “From Innovation to Financialisation: How Shareholder Value Ideology is destroying the US Economy”.

11 February: Cristiano Antonelli, “Knowledge and innovation dynamics”.

Internal Seminars

28 March: KIND research seminar

23 September: Donia Trabelsi

External  Seminars

20 October: Marie Carpenter "La bataille des telecoms. Vers une France numérique". Seminar organised by l'AHTI (l'Association Historique des Télécommunications et de l'Informatique) and la COLIDRE, (COmité d'information et de LIaison de cadres Dirigeants REtraités de France Telecom).