CfP on Digital Social Innovations (deadline 30 March)

10TH INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL INNOVATION RESEARCH CONFERENCE (ISIRC):DSI stream (call for papers & panels) See http://www.isircconference2018.com/media/cfp_dsi_stream.pdf. Coordinators: Cédric Gossart (TEM), Matt Stokes (Nesta), Müge Özman (TEM)


Seminar Anna d’Anunzio & Amedeo Piolatto (22/02/2018)

Thursday 22 February Anna d’Anunzio : “Ad networks, consumer tracking, and privacy” (co-authored with A. Russo). Amedeo Piolatto : “Competition and welfare consequences of information websites”. In Telecom ParisTech, room B603 (14h-16h). Contact: Grazia Cecere.


Seminar Basil Halperin (30/11/2017)

Thursday 30 November Basil Halperin (Ubernomics): “The economics of Apologies: The gender-gap among Uber drivers”. In Telecom ParisTech, Amphi RUBIS (14h-15h).Register here…


Seminar Mark de Reuver (26/10/2017)

Thursday 26 October Mark de Reuver (Associate Professor at TU Delft & Adjunct Associate Professor at TEM): “Open Platforms for Internet-of-Things Businesses”. In room E306 (Evry) between 12:30 & 13:30. Open platforms are producing huge economic and societal value by enabling third parties to develop value-adding applications. For instance, open platforms from Apple and Google […]


Seminar Alexandre De Cornière (22/09/2017)

Friday 22 September Alexandre De Cornière (TSE): “Application bundling in system markets”. At 14:00 in Telecom ParisTech, room B500. Abstract: Motivated by recent investigations over Google’s practices in the smartphone industry, we study bundling in markets for devices that allow consumers to use applications. The presence of applications on a device increases demand for it, and […]


Seminar Uwe Cantner (26/04/2017)

Wednesday 26 April Prof. Uwe Cantner (Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the University of Southern Denmark): “Determinants of Market Novelty of Entrepreneurial Firms”. At  15:00 in Telecom ParisTech, room E101.


Seminar Georg von Graevenitz (08/12/2016)

Thursday 8 December Georg von Graevenitz (School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London, UK): ‘‘Does Online Search Predict Sales? Evidence from Big Data for Car Markets in Germany and the UK”. At 14.00 in Telecom ParisTech.


Seminar Antonio Andreoni (07/12/2016)

Wednesday 7 December Antonio Andreoni (Department of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK): ‘‘Manufacturing the Innovation Economy: Industrial Ecosystems and Policy in the Emilia Romagna Region’’. At 19.00, Maison Suger (16 rue Suger, 75006 Paris).


Seminars Jason Whalley + Derya Findik (19/10/2016)

On Wednesday 19 October 2016 (13h00-14h30, room A303 , TEM in Évry), Jason Whalley (Newcastle Business School) & Derya Findik (Yıldırım Beyazıt University) will give two presentations, respectively titled “Where are ICT companies from the US in the ‘third industrial revolution’? A patent analysis of the Internet of Things”; and “Resources on the stage: a firm […]


Seminar Semih AKCOMAK (Thursday 9 June 2016)

On Thursday 9 June 2016 (12h30-13h30, room BL005, TEM in Évry), Dr. Semih AKCOMAK will give a presentation on “Mid-tech trap: The case of automotive industry in Turkey”.Semih is Associate professor in the Middle East Technical University (TEKPOL research centre, Ankara, Turkey).