Seminars 2013

Andreas Reinstaller, 3  December, Workshop on “Economics of innovation and patents”.

Alexandre De Streel, University of Namur and at the Economic School of Louvain, 18 November, “Regulation and competition in Telecommunication industry”.

Uwe Cantner,  University of Southern Denmark/Odense, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Université de Ferrara, Italie, Davide Antonioli, Université de Ferrara, Italie, 21 November, Workshop on “Economics and Management of Innovation”.

Henrik Glimstedt, Stockholm School of Business, Sweden ( 23 November) “Cisco v. Huawei: new v. old economy business models in the radio base station sector”.

Cristiano Antonelli, Université de Torino, Italy (11 October): "Localized technological change and the knowledge economy".

Thomas Lamarche (27 June, 14h00-16h00), Professor in the University Paris 7, Editor of the Revue de la Régulation. « En quoi la RSE contribue-t-elle à un régime de développement durable ? ». poster

William Lazonick (13 June), University of Massachusetts et, invité par Marie Carpenter. Presentation: “Apple's Business Model: The Future as History” (sur la base d'un papier co-écrit avec Mariana Mazzucato, and Öner Tulum, à paraître dans Accounting Forum).

Christophe Lécuyer (16 May), Institute for Advanced Study, Central European University (Budapest). Presentation: “The Logics of Materials Innovation: The Case of Gallium Nitride and Blue Light Emitting Diodes”. Article co-written with Takahiro Ueyama of the Faculty of Economics, Sophia University, Japan, forthcoming in Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences.

Pascal Le Masson (4 April), Professor at MINES ParisTech (Chair of Design Theory and Methods for Innovation): “Beyond decision paradigm: Research perspectives opened by the design paradigm” (click here to download the pdf of the presentation). Paper discussed available here. Poster of the seminar available here.