Research carried out by KIND members in the field of eco-innovation has led them to work on the following topics and related projects:

  • Barriers to eco-innovation: e.g. in the FP7 project cycLED, we analyse the barriers to the design, production and diffusion of ecodesigned LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). The final deliverables of our Work Package are available online (WP8).
  • E-waste mitigation: e.g. in the ADEME project ECOPATENTS we investigate how ecoinnovations can help solve the e-waste problem (WEEE: Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment).
  • Green IT: e.g. see Cecere, G., N. Corrocher, et al. (2014). Lock-in and path dependence: An evolutionary approach to eco-innovations. Journal of Evolutionary Economics 24(5): 1037-1065; and Cecere, G., N. Corrocher, et al. (2014). Technological pervasiveness and variety of innovators in Green ICT: A patent-based analysis. Research Policy 43(10): 1827-1839.