Articles of the KIND 2012 international conference

2, S. Delaitre, I.G. Olaizola, N. Aginako, ENERVALUE project: An ICT tool for energy efficiency in buildings

4, J. Kim, S. Rohmer, Environmental life cycle assessment on paper and electronic billing & payment

7, J. Baron, K. Blind, T. Pohlmann, Essential patents and standard dynamics

8, J.-L. Ermine, Knowledge based innovation: A methodology for incremental innovation in an ICT Technology

12, C. Keesookpun, Cloud computing adoption and determining factors in different industries: A case study of Thailand

13, P. De Filippi, L. Belli, Law of the cloud v. law of the land

14, B. Engelstätter, The adoption of social enterprise software

19, S. Türkeli, Emergence of innovative clean technology start-ups: A fuzzy-set analysis

21, M. Gambardella, Driving the translational user-innovations using “open” licenses

22, M. Ward, B. Engelstätter, Video game niches: Specialization, substitutability and strategy

26, A. Garcia Zaballos, R. Lopez-Rivas, Socio-economic impact of broadband in Latin American and Caribbean countries

30, V. Jerbashian, Telecommunications industry and economic growth: How the market structure matters

32, L. Barreau, Internal corporate social network: what impacts on Innovation?